Building your story one word at a time.

Writing can be one of the most challenging parts of the publishing process. From story-building, building conflict, or simply even writing a blog post, I can help you.

What do you need?

I can help you develop your story by offering advice for plot, characterization, developing conflict, avoiding plot holes, and more. I can also ghostwrite for those who may be too busy, or who have an idea of what story they want to tell but want someone else to perform the task of writing it.

I can write news and feature articles, blog posts, back cover copies. I can write press kits, pitches, or press releases.

My Experience

Published Articles

I have had several feature stories published digitally and in print for a magazine based in Birmingham, AL, as well as news articles for my school’s online news source. You can read several of them here.


Through freelancing with a company in Nashville, TN, I have experience in technical writing and description copies.

Course of Study

I am a Journalism minor at Belmont University. I have taken classes on media writing, travel writing, and creative and essay writing.


Read some of my writing.

Read my blog posts for more examples.

  • Not Your Typical Assassin
    Throne of Glass: Review Much of today’s Young Adult genre is filled with fanciful world-building and a strong lead character who possesses the ability to save whatever turmoil they have found themselves in. This dystopian, action-packed style is best defined by books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, or Six of Crows.  Throne of GlassContinue reading “Not Your Typical Assassin”
  • A Band of Thieves
    Crooked Kingdom: Review While this review contains no spoilers, do not read if you have not read the first book, Six of Crows. See Six of Crows review here. The motley crew of the Dregs returns in the ferocious, fast-paced sequel to Six of Crows: Crooked Kingdom. All our favorite characters are back and performingContinue reading “A Band of Thieves”
  • A Witch and Her Pigs
    Review: Circe Thanks to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson children’s series, there has been a recent comeback of classical mythology retellings in contemporary fiction. Seemingly boring, textbook-style myths become renewed in the form of elaborate tales fit for modern day readers. It is every mythology-lover’s dream–– a resurgence of new ways to listen to their favoriteContinue reading “A Witch and Her Pigs”

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