A Band of Thieves

Crooked Kingdom: Review While this review contains no spoilers, do not read if you have not read the first book, Six of Crows. See Six of Crows review here. The motley crew of the Dregs returns in the ferocious, fast-paced sequel to Six of Crows: Crooked Kingdom. All our favorite characters are back and performingContinue reading “A Band of Thieves”

A Witch and Her Pigs

Review: Circe Thanks to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson children’s series, there has been a recent comeback of classical mythology retellings in contemporary fiction. Seemingly boring, textbook-style myths become renewed in the form of elaborate tales fit for modern day readers. It is every mythology-lover’s dream–– a resurgence of new ways to listen to their favoriteContinue reading “A Witch and Her Pigs”

You Will Never Be Alone

Dear Evan Hansen: Review It would not be irrational to consider the issues that arise when writing a book based on a story that has already been told, especially one that is already known, loved, and appreciated. There comes a certain expectation that might be too high to reach, and a pressure to have eachContinue reading “You Will Never Be Alone”