Once you decide you would like to write a book, there are a lot of steps to take before you can hold that work in your hand. Whether you are just getting started or you need help getting your book noticed, I can help you get to where you need to go. Not sure exactly what you need? Contact me and we can figure out what your next step is.


I can edit academic essays, resumés, cover letters, book blurbs, articles, literary manuscripts, etc. I do proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing.


Freelance writing in genres of creative writing, feature writing, news writing, newsletter writing, book blurbs, descriptive copies, etc.


Freelance work in managing social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, websites (WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, etc.), and Twitter. I can also write press kits, pitches, gather launch teams, and more.

Let’s build your book together.

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