Let the world get to know your creation.

In the publishing industry, it is not always enough to simply be a talented writer. Publicity is essential in getting the world to know your book. While an author can do their own promotion via social media, a professional press kit, pitch, or website can go a long way when attracting readers.


Social Media Management

In today’s technology-ruled generation, every author needs a social media presence. One of the first things a reader does when trying to reach the author is look for social media. Having a professional, appealing social media will attract readers, and will also help get your name into the publishing world.


While some authors keep writing as a side-job rather than full-time, the amount of work needed not only to write your story but to publicize it is immense. Assistants would be there to handle your social media, write press kits, organize events and interviews, gather launch teams, and any other publishing-related duties, while you can focus on other tasks.

Press Kits

A press kit is a professional document that contains every bit of information needed about you and your story. Having a professional, organized, and concise press kit is essential when publicizing your book. You are going to need a press kit when pitching your book to bookstores, companies, potential interviews, and more.

Making a Professional Website

Every author needs a professional website. Websites are just as important, if not more so, than a social media presence. Many companies or bookstores will look at an author’s website before considering them for interviews, etc. I can create your website (or maintain it), keep it updated, create exclusive website-only content, create newsletters, publicize upcoming events, and more through an author’s website.

Publicity comes in the form of gathering launch teams, writing press kits, drafting pitches, managing social media, organizing events, and scheduling interviews.


Author Assistant- Joy Jordan-Lake

I worked with Joy from January to December of 2019. As her assistant, I organized events, gathered a launch team, publicized her book, revamped and maintained her website, managed her social media, organized giveaways, and wrote press kits.

Literary Assistant- Jones Literary

I worked with Jones Literary from August to December of 2019 as an intern. Throughout this internship, I learned more about managing social media, writing press kits, and building and gathering research for new projects.

Let the world get to know your creation.

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