Striving for clean copies.

As much as I love writing, I might love editing even more. Editing is a non-negotiable part of the writing process. When a reader takes a look into your story, you want them to be drawn in and captivated, not distracted by all the grammatical errors.


Developmental Editing

A developmental edit is an intense and detailed look through your story. It can addresses specific words or your entire plot. The developmental editing process is where your plot, characters, and overall story is analyzed and improved. Manuscripts can change significantly after one of these kinds of edits. Developmental edits include: targeting your audience, analyzing plot, structure, conflict, and characters, finding plot holes, etc.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a key part of the writing process. This usually comes after a developmental edit but before proofreading. Copy editing is a deep look throughout your story for errors. Copy edits include rewrites for clarity, grammar, copyright, fact-checking, sentence structural errors, and style.


Proofreading is typically the final step in writing your book. This is after developmental and copy editing has been done, and all that is left is a final once-over to make sure no grammatical errors slipped past the eye. Proofreading includes: language and formatting errors, grammatical errors, spelling, typos, etc.

Unsure? Take a look at samples of writing that I have edited.

My Experience


I started as a freelance editor earlier this year working for a company in Nashville, TN. With this experience I have gathered knowledge about highlighting, proofreading ePubs and PDFs, writing back cover and descriptive copies, and meticulously checking copies for errors.

Belmont Story Review

This year, I worked on Belmont University’s literary magazine as one of their copyeditors. With this position, I read over submissions and checked for formatting, grammatical, and style errors.

Course of Study

At Belmont University, I am a Book Publishing major with an emphasis in Editing. I am also minoring in Journalism. I have taken classes on copyediting, technical editing, and fiction editing.

Are you ready to finalize your copy?

If you have questions about which form of editing you need, feel free to contact me below.


Grace is a student at Belmont University majoring in Book Publishing and minoring in Journalism.

She is dedicated to helping authors navigate their way through the publishing industry.



Located in Nashville, TN

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