Paper and Keys

Paper and Keys

      My mind is a constant whirlwind of ideas and thoughts and sound. To me, communication is not limited to verbal conversations or discussions. Communication is found in many various forms.  

     The two forms that have affected my life the most are music and writing. There is something about the rhythm of a song, or the fascinating components of a Rachmaninoff piece, or even the intriguing tune of a movie score that speaks to people in a way that words may not be able to do. This, of course, is not to say that writing or reading does not also have a valuable effect on communication. Sometimes the figurative language of a Sylvia Plath poem, or the meaningful lyrics of a Bob Dylan song, or the unique style of a Hemingway short story can communicate emotions or messages to people that verbal discussions cannot possibly convey. Writing and music are the two forms of communication that speak to me the most.

      Playing the piano is a very personal form of communication for me. I have played the piano for nine years. In those nine years, I have fallen in love with the instrument a million times over. When I touch the keys, all of me is put into the music I am creating. Piano is one of the only ways I can truly express my identity and my joy without the burden of trying to find the right words.  Musical performance, whether I am the performer or the listener, is one of the truest forms of speech I have ever experienced. During a concert, the crowd and the performing act do not converse, yet emotions are produced and reciprocated through the sound of music. A performer singing a hit song while the audience sings along with them allows everyone in the venue to express the same passion and energy.

      In addition to music, I also value writing and reading as forms of communication. In my room, I have journals spread out all across the shelves. I keep a sharpened pencil with me wherever I go. My bookshelf will never be full enough for my liking, and my mind is constantly full of ideas and phrases that will soon be scrawled in a notebook as a poem or song lyrics. I love the organic aspect of creating communication with simply a pencil and paper, sharing thoughts and discussions with others. Whether I am writing a spontaneous thought or a persuasive essay, this way of communication helps me to share my ideas effortlessly with others.

       It is not that I dislike verbal conversation. Thoughtful discussions with family and friends are some of my favorite memories growing up, and I’ve had many experiences of public speaking in front of a large audience. But for me, I feel that the best expression of the myriad of thoughts in my head are pencil and paper and keys on a piano. In a world full of noise and constant verbal chatter, it is through music and stories that I find myself at home.

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